Sheltering Families After a Fire

ALE Solutions is a company that helps people find a place to live after a fire has destroyed or damaged their home.  Typically, when a fire displaces a family, they need someplace to stay for a few months.  This is a shorter term lease than we typically set up, but our owners and our staff love the fact that we are helping families in need.  Think about how traumatic the situation must be if your home, keepsakes and memories are destroyed or damaged by a fire.  The last thing you want to do is figure out the logistics of a place to stay, furniture, etc.

The family that we helped recently had a small fire start in their home and they were forced to move elsewhere while repairs were being made. They tried many property management companies around town with no luck. They were not able to work within the short lease terms and fast turnaround times that were needed.

We were able to find them a house just before Labor Day and move them in right after the holiday weekend!

Obviously, this situation calls for a quick response.  We usually have the family ready to move in within 24-48 hours of them finding a home they like.  We work with ALE Solutions to make sure they are moved in as quickly and as easily as possible.  ALE Solutions has rental furniture delivered to the house on the morning of their move in day!

We work with ALE Solutions throughout the year for families that have lost their home entirely or had major damage that is being repaired due to a fire.  We typically set up a 4 month lease with options to extend if their house is not rebuilt or repaired on time.  An ALE agent works with a Home Rental Services agent to show our houses to the family.  When the family finds a house they are happy with, they apply through our normal approval process.  ALE Solutions works directly with Home Rental Services to schedule the payments for rent and security deposits so that the family doesn’t have to worry about these details.

If you have ever been in this kind of situation, we would love to hear from you.  What did you do when a fire damaged or destroyed your home?  Have you used ALE Solutions before?  Let us know!