Online Reputation – We Should All Be Paying Attention

We have embraced social media as a way to stay in touch with our owners, renters, vendors, friends and family.  The impact of social media on our business continues to evolve and we learn more every day.  The newest aspect of social media that we are working on is our online reputation.

There are dozens of web sites where people can go and post reviews about a company.  Some of these include,, YahooLocal and Citysearch.

We realized that we need to pay attention to these sites.  We need to know what people are saying and encourage feedback about how we do business.  In our experience, people that are frustrated will take the time to complain to the world.  People that are happy might not take the time to tell the story publically.

If you have done business with us, we would appreciate an honest review from you on any of the sites below.  (No, we are not asking for 5 stars unless we have earned a 5-star rating)  Some of these review sites will allow you to sign in with your Facebook Account, making it easier for you to post feedback.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to post a review!

If you have not heard of these sites, it would be worth your time doing a search to see if your company is there and what people are saying about you!

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