EchoSign – Signing Documents Made Simple

Do you remember the days when you used to have to drive into a business to physically sign paperwork to complete a contract? Those days went away when businesses started having fax machines. The problem with using a fax machine to execute contracts is the simple fact that many people don’t have fax machines in their homes. A major part of our business involves executing contracts with our Owners and our Renters. Some days we have 14 contracts that need to be signed and many of the people involved don’t have fax machines.

To solve this problem, we adopted EchoSign.  EchoSign is an electronic signature service that allows us to get our documents signed in minutes rather than days. EchoSign accelerates our document signing process with electronic signatures and stores all our signed agreements securely.

This has been a huge benefit to our Owners and Renters because they no longer have to come into our office, send contracts through the traditional mail system or find a fax machine.  All they need is an email address and a computer with internet access.  They can sign the documents after reviewing from the comfort of their home and any time they want.

Here is more information on how it works, and if you are interested in using an electronic signature service for your own business, here is more information on the pricing plans.  (Of course there is a free trial to get you hooked.)  EchoSign fits into our technical strategy of being web-based.  EchoSign is 100% on-demand and requires no software or hardware installations.  It is all done in a web browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox.