eFax – Another Step Towards a Paperless Office

At Home Rental Services, we really try to be environmentally friendly.  One of our recent wins has been the switch to eFax for all of our faxing needs.  As a property management company, we send and receive a large volume of faxed documents.  We have been feeding our fax machine reams of paper for many years and it was time to do something different.  eFax is the answer for us and has had interesting additional benefits.

Hooking up eFax was fairly straightforward.  We created an eFax account, configured incoming and outgoing options, tested to make sure things were working right and then forwarded our primary fax number to our new eFax number.  The entire process took less than 4 hours, including the training of our staff.

Here are some of the benefits that we have gotten from switching to eFax:
– No more paper.  Incoming faxes come to us as PDF attachments in emails.
– Faxing without having to leave your desk.  Up to 5 people per account are allowed to send faxes directly from their desktop via eFax without leaving their desks.
– No more need for a dedicated, physical fax machine.  This is going to allow us to exclude the expensive fax card on our next copier purchase as well as free up space in our office related to faxing activites.
– No more missing incoming faxes.  Now that they are delivered via email, everyone that needs to see a fax will be sure to see it.

We are always looking at new ways to use technology to be more efficient, environmentally friendly and provide better service to our customers.  eFax is definitely a winner in our book!