Home Rental Services Celebrates 31 Years

Today is September 1st… it’s time to celebrate the anniversary of Home Rental Services! The story of Home Rental Services begins with Kandy Meehan.

When Kandy graduated from college, she became a professor at Benedictine college and was there for a couple of years. She also taught at SUNY in Buffalo, New York for a year. When she moved back to Kansas City she took a job at a real estate company called Talisman Condominiums. It was a high energy, fast paced environment and she loved it. That’s where she was introduced to real estate and learned that she had a passion for connecting people with the perfect place to live. Kandy soon earned her real estate license and sold condos for Talisman.

A few years later, Kandy decided to take a job working for Coldwell Banker and continued to sell real estate. After 3 years at Coldwell Banker, Kandy agreed to open Coldwell Banker Home Rental Services in 1985. In July of 1989, Coldwell Banker decided to close all of their ancillary services including Coldwell Banker Home Rental Services. Kandy bought this division and has been running it as a stand alone company ever since.

Fast forward to 2020.

Today, we have a hard working team that genuinely cares about our owners and renters. Even though we have decades of experience in residential property management, we’re always learning. And just as importantly, we give back to the community and have fun together.

Since you’re reading this story, there is a good chance that you have been part of our success. Thank you for being part of our extended family as a client, vendor, referral partner or friend. We thought a great way to celebrate our 31st Anniversary with you would be to dust off some of our photos. Enjoy!