Breakfast of Champions

Home Rental Services’ Breakfast of Champions – Have You Had Your Snickers Bar Today?

Author: Sandy Fisher, Director of Business Development

Have you seen the Snickers bar commercial where a very tired and grumpy character played by Willem Dafoe is not having a very good acting scene? Someone then hands him a Snickers bar and he is magically transformed back into the radiant Marilyn Monroe who finishes the scene with ease. The Snickers’ slogan in that ad is “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, and there sure is some truth to that!

Breakfast of ChampionsYou might have seen the research that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve probably also heard the tidbit that what you do with your first hour of your day is directly related to your productivity for the rest of that day. Well, we at Home Rental Services decided to put that information to work, order up some breakfast (and some Snickers bars too), and create a Breakfast Of Champions’ event with our valued vendor partners.

Why our vendor partners you might ask?
We work really hard to provide and do things for our owner clients, our renters, and our Realtor® friends, so we decided it was time to also provide for, and make even stronger connections with, our valued vendor partners. A year later, we’ve found that they agree.

We just hosted our fourth Breakfast of Champions event, and at the close of each one Kandy Meehan (Owner/President of HRS) and I put our heads together to go over what went well and what we can do better. We’ve also pushed the “what can we do better?” question out to our entire HRS staff. And after a few team brainstorming sessions, we ramped up our most recent event.

Breakfast of ChampionsWe added some fun take-home items for each vendor (and, yes, a Snickers bar was one of those things), a couple of door prize gifts, and we had Jason Terry with Blue Gurus enlighten our group with a LinkedIn 101 session, and he did an outstanding job.

When I talk with potential owners and investor clients, I love to share with them how we have a quality list of licensed and insured vendors who provide outstanding service to our clients. And then I really love to share that we also know our vendors well, and we work hard to strengthen those relationships by having breakfast with them and learning with and from them several times a year.

We’re so thankful our vendors and their willingness to attend our Breakfast of Champions events. It’s a great way to start the day, get to know our vendors even better and learn something useful from our presenters. (And it was fun having a Snickers bar for dessert!)

Breakfast of Champions