4 Reasons to Document the Condition of Your Rental Property [VIDEO]

Proper documentation can be an important resource for landlords, and today we’re sharing four of the really great reasons to document the condition of your property before a renter moves in.

1. Tenant Sign-Off

This documentation will be proof that the resident accepts the property in the condition that you’re giving it to them. We recommend having paper documentation, which could be a checklist or a set of detailed notes. You should also take a number of high-quality photographs. When you have a paper checklist or condition report, you can have the resident sign the document, agreeing to the property’s condition. This isn’t a mechanical inspection, it’s more cosmetic and it allows you and your tenants to agree on how the property looks.

2. Proves Habitability

When you document the property’s condition prior to move in, you can avoid any potential later accusations from the renter that there were habitability issues. You documented the smoke detectors were working and attached, for example. You will have photos as well as written documentation.

3. Identifies Property Changes

Some tenants make changes to the house that are great, and others make changes that seem confusing or unappealing. With your documentation, you’ll be able to determine whether any of those unauthorized changes were made by your tenants. It will be easy to see that the walls were not originally pink, for example. This documentation will allow you to see and prove the changes.

4. Tenant Damage

Distinguishing between tenant damage and normal wear and tear is one of the biggest challenges for landlords. This documentation will help you demonstrate any damage that was done by the tenants. Hopefully there won’t be any damage at all after move out, but if there is, you have the original documentation and proof of what the property looked like when the lease started.

These are just a few of the reasons why documentation is so critical. If you have questions about this or anything pertaining to property management in Kansas City, please contact us at Home Rental Services.