5 Simple Ways To Keep Insects Out Of Your Home This Summer

Mosquito1) Avoid standing pools of water

Mosquitoes need a water supply in order to breed, so eliminating pooled water in your yard is one of the best ways to reduce the mosquito population.

If you have a bird bath, it’s important to change the water once or twice a week. Bird baths are mosquito magnets, and if the water is left undisturbed for too long, mosquitoes will lay their eggs with plenty of time for them to hatch.

2) Keep gutters clean

It’s important to make sure you have good drainage, especially when it comes to gutters. Keep gutters free from leaves and other debris that can block the flow of water. If you rent from us and need to have your gutters cleaned, please submit a maintenance request.

Termite3) Keep the foundation clear

Your home’s foundation is the closest part of the house to the ground. That’s why it’s one of the most common entry spots for bugs. Remove debris or trim back shrubs so they aren’t touching your foundation.

Mulch, such as wood chips and pine straw, provide ideal shelter for pests. Instead of using these in areas that touch your foundation, consider placing less pest-attractive ground cover, such as rock or stone.

By keeping foundations clear and protected, you can greatly reduce the chance of a bug infestation.

4) Trim back trees

Trim back any tree branches that touch your home to eliminate pest “bridges” into the house.

5) Keep firewood away from your home

If you have a stack of wood for your fireplace, be sure to keep it far away from the house. Firewood is very tempting to termites.