– Top 5 Interesting Statistics for your Brain!

BrainCurious minds want to know… and if you are interested in random facts and statistics, do we have a website for you.

Kandy found this site and shared it with the staff last week.  It is a website with a simple goal, to bring interesting numbers to the world.  Here is a quote from the CEO, Seth Harden:

Statistic Brain is a group of passionate number people. We love numbers, their purity, and what they represent. Numbers can bring humans together, they tell us how we are alike and how we are beautifully unique. Numbers are a way to reflect on how far we’ve come and give us hope for the future.

We found some really interesting statistics on this site that we plan to use in our marketing materials.  We thought you might find it useful as well!  Here are some of our favorite interesting statistics from

If you check the site out and browse around, let us know what your favorite stats are in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!