Garage Sales – How To Have Them And Where To Find Them

Garage sales are a popular solution for spring cleaning.  We have been seeing a lot of signs for garage sales lately and thought it would be a good topic for our blog!

How To Have A Garage Sale

Garage Sale SignIt’s not hard to host a garage sale at your home, but it would be a good idea to review your local city’s rules and regulations for garage sales.  Be sure to look at guidelines for signs to advertise your garage sale.  Here is a link to the guidelines for garage sales in Overland Park, Kansas.

For an extensive checklist for how to prepare and host a garage sale, check out this article on

Here are the basic guidelines for garage sale signs in Overland Park:

You are allowed one sign at the location of the sale for each street frontage on that property. This type of sign can have a sign face up to eight square feet in size and can be used during the days of the garage sale and up to three days prior to the sale.  In addition, you may place signs in other locations pointing to your garage sale provided that these signs are located on private property and that you have obtained permission for placing the sign from the property owner. To be on private property, signs must typically be one foot behind the sidewalk or approximately 11 feet back from the curb of the street. These “pointer” signs are limited to three square feet in area and are allowed only during the days of your garage sale. Signs are not permitted in street medians, in public parks, or at highway interchanges. No garage sale permit is required.

Where To Find Local Garage Sales

Garage Sale MapSome people enjoy going to garage sales to see what kind of treasures can be found on the cheap.  You would be surprised at the kinds of things that people want to get rid of to make some space!  There are lots of ways to find out where garage sales are going to be held… here are a few to try:

Craigslist (this link will take you to a search for Garage Sales in Kansas City, MO) (this link will take you to a search for Garage Sales in Overland Park, KS)

Good luck if you are going to host a garage sale, and happy hunting if you plan on shopping local garage sales!