Amy Evans-Colledge Celebrates Ten Years at Home Rental Services!

Every small business relies on each and every person they employ to work hard and look for more effecient ways of doing things.  Other than Kandy who started Home Rental Services, Amy Evans-Colledge has been with us the longest.  We are proud to celebrate that Amy has been with Home Rental Services for ten years as of November 2011!  What an accomplishment and we appreciate her so much!

We asked Amy to think back on when she started and what has happened in ten years.  We got a ton of great feedback, too much to put in this post, but here are the highlights:

Prior to coming to Home Rental Services, I had been working with Marriott Hotels as an Operations Manager.  After 9/11, Marriott was forced to drastically reduce their staffing and operation managers across the board. They offered me another management position, but the demanding schedule was getting to be too much while having a toddler at home.  It was time for a change and a major change is what I got!

I started with Home Rental Services in November 2001.  Back then, we managed around 150 properties and had a staff of six.  My experience from Marriott Hotels helped me contribute immediately at Home Rental Services!  In the years since, I  have learned so much from Kandy about property management, Landlord Tenant laws, Real Estate, contracts, sales, etc.   I have watched and helped the company grow to managing hundreds of properties in Kansas and Missouri.  There’s not one process  or operating system that hasn’t improved since I started.  We have new phones, new operating systems, new computers, new office space, new equipment and more staff.  The constants I have seen with the company over the last ten years have been a sincere commitment to our clients, meeting tons of great people on the owner and renter sides and a great team environment.

During my time at Home Rental Services, Kandy has watched me through a divorce, several deaths in the family, 2 moves, single parenthood, several sniffles, a remarriage, a major surgery of my 12  year old daughter, and the recent birth of my new baby boy.  We have celebrated and grieved ups and downs together personally and professionally.  I am so grateful for the people (clients and associates) I’ve come to know, for the flexibility and support from Kandy, and for being led to join the company ten years ago!